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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

Andrei Kogan wrote:
> At 04:33 PM 7/29/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Good luck Andrei and I hope you find something that works out for you!
> >
> >Mike Veglia
> >87 5kcstq
> >
> >
> Mike,
> It is incredible how much help I got on my question. Once the wave of
> responses begins to subside, I will post a big big THANK YOU to everyone.
> Basicallly, the responses I get fall into about three more or less equal in
> representation categories.
> 1. Forget the consumer thing, buy a quatrto and  a turbo, and enjoy the life
> 2. Buy a non-quattro, non-turbo 10 valve I5 100 (and still =enjoy the life)
> 3. Buy a Volvo or a Honda.
> Well, here is  the truly ironic situation my wife and I find ourselves in
> since yesterday. Armed with the wisdom of this group, we decide that we go
> for the option 3. There are a lot more volvos for sale around here than
> #2's, so we figure we start forming an opinion ( we haven't ever seen a
> volvo up close). We went to a local dealership where I spotted about 5
> Volvos for sale, but by the time we got there the guy was already closing.
> Well , here it comes:
> On the way back, I see this 5000 body shining on the roadside. I pull over,
> and in turns out that it is a 1987 quattro turbo, same car as Mike's. Damn,
> I think, this has to be a joke ---- you see, I haven't ever driven either a
> quattro or a turbo 5K, and they are so rare for sale around here, and the
> very day we decided that we bury the idea of buying one it... Then we make
> a really big mistake and take it out for a test drive. The car is
> absolutely perfect. Superb handling, really powerful engine. Breaks in good
> shape. I look under the hood --- and the engine looks BRAND NEW !! very
> clean, no leaks, the fuel distributer hoses are nice and shiny and not
> rusty like on my 4k.
> It is a one owner car, according to the dealer, and it lived in NC hence no
> rust. There are records available, but I haven't had a chance to look at
> them carefully. I noticed that at least a couple had to do with a leaky
> steering rack repair, and the dealer tells me that the timing belt was done
> 30K ago.
> The car has 140,000 on it and they are asking $4400, but I think they would
> take substantially less, maybe $3,000 or so. The car needs 2 window
> switches and the ac compressor clutch, and I think for $3,000 i can get it
> "as is"
> now: first, a stupid quattro question. When I was playing with the diff
> lock switch, I noticed that sometimes after both diffs are locked and then
> the switched is returned to the normal position, the lights wouldn't go
> away immediately, but only after you drive a few yards. Is this normal?
> Second: Purhaps, I need to clarify what I meant by ability to "afford" a
> car in my original post. I certainly don't expect to be able to have  a
> zero-trouble 11 year old vehicle, an Audi or a Honda. All I am trying to do
> is to get an estimate ( in $$$ ) of problems to encounter in future. Let's
> say, I can spend about $500 --- $1000 a year ( hopefully not $1000 EVERY
> year) on car repairs. Do you think I can take a chance on that 5kcstq?
> Third : How big a deal is the compressor clutch?
> Again, many many thanks to everyone. I don't expect to get something like a
> quattro for nothing, I am trying to determine if the physics postdoc salary
> can sustain it...
> Andrei
Question 1.- Normal: When returning to Off, the switch opens vacuum to
the reset side an actuator. The actuator pulls the locking fork and when
the gears in the diff.  cease to have load the actuator releases the
fork to neutral...an electircal sender shuts off the little green light
next to the switch. 
Question 2.- I pass
Question 3.- If the coil is not electrically open, a regular mechanic
can remove, resurface, re-shim and reinstall. No big deal....new
clutch.....about $ 150.
What was the reason for the clutch failing....?
If the compressor is sound...sometimes the clutch binds or the clearance
between friction surfaces is excessive due to wear ...in these
cases...the friction is insufficient to turn the compressor and the
clutch remains energized and overheats....