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radio or speaker problem

Yesterday--suddenly (things gotta start sometime, I suppose)--the Bose
stereo system (in '91 200q) began emitting a thundering, low-frequency
noise (thump-thump-thump-....). At first I thought something in the
drivetrain had crapped out. The noise went away for some minutes, but now
it's there almost as soon as (and whenever) the radio is turned on (makes
no diff whether AM, FM or CD). It has a deafening intensity--even at the
lowest volume setting. All connections at the back of the radio look OK.

Any ideas?

BTW, this is _not_ the loud, momentary whoosh of static that afflicts the
delta radio on my '89  when it's turned on. I can live with that one.
This, however, is unbearable. :(


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com