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AudiTalk[Fwd: Custom Order]

Well...isn't that special? ;-)

How many of you actually request info from Audi via email?  Should I
call or fax instead?  Or should I simply contact my ever-so
knowledgeable audi/cadillac/porsche/vw/whatever dealer as suggested?

Can someone here answer this question?  I.e....who are quattro GmbH? (I
know WHAT they do...I want to know HOW and WHY).  And if they are a
so-called "aftermarket", how can we access their products?

Derek Daily

Dear Derek:

Thank you for contacting Audi of  America.

We appreciate your sincere interest in Audi vehicles.   All vehicle
ordering is done through Audi dealers.  Thus, we suggest that you
contact your nearest dealer for information on custom ordering a
vehicle. A list of dealers can be found online within the "Family"
section of our website.  

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us again.



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Sent:  Wednesday, July 29, 1998 6:31 PM
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Subject:  Custom Order

Date: Wed Jul 29 18:31:23 EDT 1998
name: Derek Daily
address: 805 S. Idaho St.
city: San Mateo
state: CA
zip: 95070
phone: (650) 401-6839
email: dtdaily@ibm.net
response: E-mail
subject: Upcoming Audi Models
comments: Thank You for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

I feel that I must preface my request with the following statements.
First, I 
understand there is no European Delivey Program.  Second, I am MORE 
than familiar with EPA/DOT difficulties with importing EC specific
Third, I recently visited Ingolstadt and know exactly how simple my
really is in considering the customization process.

Audi will offer my perfect "base" car in the '99 MY.  I am very close to

ordering an A4 1.8tq Avant.  I would like to request some "special"
options for 
the vehicle.  My pefect car was sitting in the visitor center.  Nogaro
Blue A4 
1.8tq Avant Individual by quattro GmbH.  I would purchase this car in
entirety if possible, but I realize this car was NOT developed for the

Individual Model Included:
Nogaro Blue Paint
Sport Seat Interior (Black Leather Trim / Black w/ blue stripe cloth
Matching Black interior w/ Al trim
HID lighting (ala S4)
Sports Suspension
quattro GmbH alloy wheels
6-speed manual transmission
"Improved" Sports ECU
"Improved" Exhaust

Due to US importation issues, I can tell you right now that I do not
expect any 
help with the final two items listed.  Nor do I plan to include such 
features on my Avant.  However, there is no reason the other options
not be available at a fair cost.

My question is then as follows.  How may I special order such quattro
items for my A4 Avant?

With Best Regards, 

Derek Daily