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on the home today.....

just as i had gotten off werk, i jumped into my car and drove out towards the
country where i live..... well, i know it's not too cool to go too fast, but i
decided to go around 100 mph on the flats we have here, then on my way home
going round 80 i knew there was a little hump in the road that would give my
little coupe a good 3ft. of air.... needless to say. i landed the jump
perfectly and held down the clutch as  i entered a pretty sharp turn, i left
the turn , hit the gas and the gas stuck!i i almost pissed all over my self,
simply because that delayed reaction to the brake and clutch had taken me into
a turn way too fast putting me up on two wheels..... i put the car in neutral
and pushed it about 1/2 mile home...... i opened the hood to find the cruise
control bar thingy jabbed into the accelerator thingy under the hood, i had
just fixed the cruise control just the other day too, a real pisser.......

one last quest..... how do i unsubscribe to the list <im going on vacationit's
not permanent>

thanks, Bob

86 Coupe GT <da shit>