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K-26 going...


Sorry kids, you snooze you loose. Carpe diem and all that good stuff. The
K26 turbo sold yesterday evening.

I am, however, picking up an RS2 turbo for my S4 on Monday. This will free
up my existing K24/K26 hybrid for someone else's lonely exhaust manifold.
Let me know of you are interested $400 / obo (John Karasaki has first right
of refusal).

[Ramble On] The other alternative, if you are really a tough guy, is to call
PowerHaus II and pick up one of their IMSA 962 K-36 (that's not a typo)
turbos. Capable of 800 bhp (at what 10,000 RPM on an Audi engine???). Has
anyone seen one of these in real life? MONSTROUS, looks like it should be on
a semi-truck. They claim 500 to 600 easy bhp on a 911. Must be nice!

How about 2 993tt motors joined at the ends with 4 K-36 turbos putting out
an "easy" 1500bhp? Now we are talking Bell Jet Ranger territory! [Ramble Off
("It's time for me to go...")]