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re: 4kq Euro lights - supplier info sought

four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote:
> HAREST@allenbrook.iix.com wrote:
>   I'm starting to track down euro lights for my 85 Callaway 4ktq.  I called
> Metrix in Canada, but they only carry the Bosch H4 units.  Philip says $125
> each + shipping.  Now while that is an acceptable price, I really prefer the
> Hella H4/H1 units.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Stott,
> I have recently instaled Metrix Bosch H4 headlights on Mike Zamikhovsky's '87
> Coupe GT that his Mom drives now. They are _very_good_! I am not sure the Hellas
> are that much better.

I don't think it's the Bosch vs. Hella thing, it's the H1
vs. H1/H4 thing.

The Bosch H4's are the same as the Hella H4's, AFAIK. 
However, the H1/H4's 
are very sexy indeed, and are only made by Hella and Cibie,
I believe.

(H4-only performance is the same I hear, between the H4's
and H1/H4's)

Oh yeah, supplier info?  Try Blaufergnugen, or Anderson
Brothers, or PUMA.
Wait, isn't PUMA the same as Anderson Brothers, or someone? 
I dunno.

Good price on the H4's tho'.  Is that complete, or minus the
brackets and 
corner lights?  Ron's Parts has 'em for $395/set, and I do
believe they are 
totally complete.