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Re: Driving lights/Re: help with a speeding ticket and cool driving story stuff...


Yup, some lights on those 4x4 cruisers are pretty
high up and irritating. But this all reminds me of
my good friend who used to have a VW Beetle Baja
bug ( you know, the ones with the fenders all
cut off, the engine exposed, the wheels from a
truck and some guard bars all around). Well, his
brother, who gave the bug to him, had a novel idea
for dealing with tailgaters, mis-aimed lights and
light "flashers". This thing took the form of a
fairly awesome spot light mounted on the cage
enclosing the engine. I can't remember the
wattage of the light, but it was pretty damn
bright. It dealt with tailgaters in no
uncertain terms. :)

One day I am going to replace my headlamps
for strobe lights ... then it will look like
I'm the only person moving. :)