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The front license bracket mounts directly to the bumper.  If you remove
the plastic covering over the bumper you should have two ten millimeter
holes with riv-nuts in them.  This is what the license mounts to.

I guess in your case, whoever fixed your car simply bondo'd over the
holes and repainted the bumper.


Porsray@AOL.COM wrote:
> OK, years ago I took off the front license mount (PA only uses rear plate).
> I am now getting together all the various sundries/parts as part of a
> potential sale, and am confused about the front license plate mount.
> A few years ago, I had the font bumper replaced as the result of a collision
> with Bambi's illegitimate grandchild.  New bumper had no mounting holes on
> it.  Now, I THINK I have found proper mount, but am not sure.  One I found
> is metal with right-angle supports sticking out for mounting underneath the
> bumper.  However, parts microfiche shows mount (looks like plastic) that
> mounts directly to front face of bumper.  Was wondering what style of mount
> you folks out there had.
> Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
> 1990 Coupe Quattro