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Re: Speeding in NY State (no Audi content)

Andrei and Igor wrote:
> Think I need to add a scanner to my CB and Valentine...
I have heard that scanners are somewhat effective but I am not sure how
much they help. And I thought that they are illegal.

Remember that many municipalities and police forces today uses digital
trunked radio. Essentially the same as for certain types of digital
mobile telephony. You can listen to the frequency but you'll only get
"garble" since transmission is just a datastream - no voice.

And by that I'll just end that I do not support "excessive" speeding,
but it makes a difference when going long distances. Just take it easy
in town or around people...

P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
89 100E
91 300ZXTT (soon to be replaced by a Land Rover?)
Bel detector