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Subject: Re: Heated Leather Seats

My 86 4k fwd had heated seats&my 86 4kq has heated seats.

Andrew Duane USG/PE writes:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Derick Farfan say:
> > How hard or easy is it to intergrate heated seats into a non-heated
> > seats car.  I am about to buy heated leather seats from a 4KQ, but I
> > have a 4K, without heated leather seats from the factory.  Is the hard
> > wiring difficult, any sensors I should know about.  Any input would be
> > greatly appreciated.  TIA
> If the car doesn't have wiring for the seats, it will probably be
> difficult. I don't know if the 4K ever came with heated seats.
> If it was offered as an option, the wiring may well be there
> already. Then it would mostly be a matter of getting the control
> knobs and the seats, and plugging them in.

I don't think U.S. 4K front drive models ever came with heated seats

Keep in mind that adding heated seats to a car increases the current
draw, and the stock wiring to the fuse/relay panel and the panel itself
in your 4K probably can't handle the additional load and would burn up
over time.  If you want to do this right you should run the power directly
to the battery (properly fused at the battery, of course).

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