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re: radio or speaker problem

Time to collect some "data".

Opened the trunk. Entered it by performing the ol' backward jacknife with
one-and-a-half twists (degree of difficulty 2.5) and entered cleanly,
though slightly to the left of center. Stared at nearby Bose speaker and
had no problem seperating its 4-pin connector. Extracted self from trunk
(forward jacknife with one-and-a-half twists but with slightly higher
DOD=2.75 (which goes to DOD 3.0 when CD changer is present).

Turned on radio. No loud noises. just clean (lop-sided) sound. Listen for 5
or 6 minutes longer and then realized: "Sh*t, so what have I proved except
maybe the problem isn't easily reproducible?"

So, back into trunk. Reconnect leftside speaker. Depart trunk and turn on
radio. Sounds good for about 20 seconds, and then it becomes a 40 hp (70
decibel) Evinrude motor. Leave radio turned on.

Return to trunk.  Even the Mafia doesn't do this to people--just kill 'em
and stuff 'em in the trunk, dammit! I desperately clawed apart the
left-side speaker connector (again), and then...immediate silence--except
for a Beatles song. So it appears that my problem is the amplifier on the
left (rear) only.

Now, with my '89 (non-Bose) car, the speaker/amp units are easily removed
by a simple twist of the wrist. This seems not to be the case with the
Bose? I guess I have to remove those four mounting screws? One of these
(outboard) screws seems blocked by proximity to the trunk liner. Damn.

Back to the trunk for another look. Or do I _really_ care that I now have
just an eight-speaker system? I mean, heck, I was pretty satisfied with the
Bose to begin with. Some would say that the next of level improvement over
10 Bose speakers is...eight. :)


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com