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Re: drivers habits

It's not just minivans in the South that don't have 'em! Maybe the South
would be a good place to get used 5k turn signal stalks, since most of
them would be "low mileage." 

- Wallace White, grew up in Tennessee
  '87 5kcstq 148k, turn signals working fine
MHLIGGINS@aol.com wrote:
>         Must be a regional thing.  In the south the mini-vans are the ones in the
> left lane at near or below the speed limit keeping pace with the semis so no
> one can pass.  BTW, do the mini-vans up there have turn signals?  They don't
> seem to have them installed in the ones I see around here.  Did they make turn
> signals an optional item for mini-vans?
>         Don't see many Grand-Amites causing problems, but lots of SunFires.  Same
> manufacturer though.
>         Later.
>         --ml