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Re: Yesterday's 23:00 news report from CA

In a message dated 7/31/98

<< As I've said sooo many times, "Only in California could..."

Riots, mudslides, earthquakes, OJ, bank-robber-gun-wars, police chases
every day(complete with helicopters)...seems like california is turning
into the movies it produces... >>

Uh huh...and Miami, NY City et all are "nice places"??? Huh?!

Puuleeeese...I will try very hard to refrain from wasting much q-list BW for
this reply...but I will say that even in jest that putting down where other
folks live is just plain wrong. BTW, the vast majority of what you cite is one
general area called Los Angeles...try to understand that the rest of this
state is not all what you see on the news and is a very large land mass. If it
is so bad here then why are sooooooo many people from back east re-locating
here and making it more crowded?! Sorry all...this one kinda bent me a bit--I
think I need to go take a therapeutic sail on Monterey Bay in about 3 hours
and calm down.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq
Santa Cruz, California...born and raised in Northern CA and proud to live in