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I would like some horror stories like the one I have for upgrades done through Total Audi Performance (TAP), i.e. Ivor Wigham. Am I the only one with these problems?

It is a long story that is almost as frightening as Francois Faloppa's turbo coupe conversoin to a 20V QC. I won't go into it but I have had nothing but problems trying to get resolution from Ivor. I elected to go with a less drastic change than Francois. I just wanted a Eurosports cam, TAP chip, cone K&N air filter, Scorpion exhaust and some suspension changes. My problem is too rich fuel/air mix. I've asked Ivor for the spec sheet on the chip. He continues to ignore me. Is it do to the oxygen sensor, air filter throwing the MAFS (air sensor), both or the new cam? All I get is black soot from the exhaust. I refuse to drive it until this has been resolved. The car was just repainted by one of the Detroit area best (Autometrics) for $5000. It is a beautiful paint job.

Let me know what to do. Thanks.

Steven Winoker
Walled Lake, MI
'90 Audi QC owner