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RE: 944turbo v. ur-q

dcoleman@blackrock.com writes:

 > >ok folks.  I need your help... can anyone give me an honest (ok,
 > >slightly biased) opinion on what the advantages are of an ur-q (besides
 > >the obvious quattro) over a 944t?  
Depending on whether or not you want to carry back seat passengers, an 
ur-q can come out ahead on interior space too. The back seats on the
Porsche 944 are fairly tiny for all over the age of 4, The ur-q can
carry 4 regular sized people fairly comfortably, with leg room and
head room.
If you ever drive on slippery surfaces, advantage quattro, all the

 > >waddabout insurance?

Jeffrey J. Goggin writes:

 > Thanks to the confusing VIN numbers, both my insurance company (Allstate)
 > and the Arizona DMV think mine is a plain-jane Coupe GT. 

Lucky you Jeff..
Michigan lists the ur-q on the title as "Sport Quattro", luckily my
insurance company hasn't noticed that yet. 

David Ritter

83 Ur-q
87 924S
88 325IX
90 200TQW