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RE: 944turbo v. ur-q

> >ok folks.  I need your help... can anyone give me an honest (ok,
> >slightly biased) opinion on what the advantages are of an ur-q (besides
> >the obvious quattro) over a 944t?  
> This comparison was done by several magazines (mostly european) back when
> both cars were new ... as I recall, the Ur-q came out on top pretty much
> every time.  Of course, that's euro-spec cars; U.S.-spec ars are another
> story altogether.  Compared to my friend's stock '86 944t, my stock '85
> Ur-q
> is a slug ... if the world was a perfect place, though, I'd have one of
> each!  [What's that?  I'm buying a house and can't possibly afford one at
> the moment?  Oh, yeah ... I forgot] :^(
... I would say that Dave Lawson should have a pretty informed opinion on
this.  Of course his comparison would be at a mile above sea level ... as I
learned with my V8Q (and the stock QTC last year) performance can be quite
different than at sea level ...

... I haven't seen much from Dave lately ... I hope that all is going well
for you!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)