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RE: 944turbo v. ur-q

At 05:24 PM 7/31/98 -0400, you wrote:

>>waddabout insurance?
>Thanks to the confusing VIN numbers, both my insurance company (Allstate)
>and the Arizona DMV think mine is a plain-jane Coupe GT.  I pay about
>$500/yr. for insurance (100/300, comprehensive & collision) and the license
>fee last year was all of $73 ... incredibly, my girlfriend paid more for her
>beater '89 VW Fox wagon! 


That confusion is NOT a good thing.  If you total your car, you will get
only enough $$ to buy a coupe GT.  If you damage one of those $950 front
fenders, you will only get the $50 a used coupe front fender costs too.

Fortunately/unfortunately my insurance company is more sophisticated.  We
pay a little less than $1000 a year for insurance of the urq.  This is for
a married 30 year old guy with no tickets and no accidents on his record
(that tree incident a couple years ago is not on my record since I wasn't
cited by a cop).  And living in the lowest insurance cost sector of
Portland (if you live in Portland and can get a 97219 zip code, I recommend

When I last checked, insurance for 911 turbo or a 944 turbo was
significantly less than $1000 per year.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my urq.  Sure wish it were an AWD 944t though! ;)