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Re: Scanner Usage On Road

The dedicated purpose scanners like the "Beartracker" do work to some
degree. You set it to your state and all the frequencies that the
manufacturer thinks are in use in your state are selected. No fiddling
on the users part is required. I used one on a trip to the mountains in
February with good results. Very few "falses" and one "hit" where the
thing started sqealing and lit up like a christmas tree. scared the piss
out of me actually, and I slowed down. Just about a minute later a
cruiser went by.

Joseph F. Governali wrote:
>         Having used a scanner as a speed-trap evasion device, I can say
> that it really didn't offer too much protection...   Aside from the fact
> that the newer communication systems use trunked/digital communication,
> the frequencies in use for even older analog systems are not consistant
> from area to area.  This means that as you drive, you must constantly
> change your scanning frequencies.  Although I had a 100 channel Bearcat
> (scanned at about 100ch/2sec), I found myself constantly fiddling with the