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Can you help me too on tires?

Well I have been looking around but I guess that I would like some advise
on tire selection.

I have a '90 90 with 195/60/R14.  I am interested in  a good all-season
tire that is really decent in moderate snow and ice.  I know first I should
have a quattro and second snow tires.  Neither I can afford now, so third
best, please.  

For the last two years I have driven on Dunlop D60A2 (JLB)  and not have
been very impress in light snow and ice.  Also should I be on V rated tires
in '90 90 or H rated tires okay?

I know that a number of you are not fans of Michelin but frankly I am
considering strong going back to them because when I drove a '82 4000S
Diesel don't recall having really problems in the snow.  Then again
different car different time, and different setup.  I currently looking at
Michelin's XGT V4 and MXV2 tires.  


Jordan '90 90