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Re: drivers habits AND SOME RANTING

:Returned earlier from the 300 mile round trip run from new orleans to mobile,
AL. And
:by damn don't i agree mini-vans, and SUV's(stupid useless vehicles) of all
:apparently feel that the left lane is for going <=70mph and slowing up my

Just did a 700 mile trip up to Traverse City and back (plus detours) and yep,
the minivan owners, loaded with kids, toys, luggage, dogs, and picnic stuff
either a) are too heavy to go over 65 mph, or b) the drivers must willingly
donate their brains to science when picking up their new acquisition.

But most SUV drivers around these parts seem to drive alright.  Of course, I was
driving my 2500 Suburban (Christine had the Audi in WV at the time) and most
people move to the right rather quickly when they see a three-ton brick bearing
down on them at 85 mph.  But one section of road, M-115, has just six or seven
passing lanes over a 50 mile stretch.  So needless to say, you pretty much haul
ass when you get to the passing lane.  Well, one idiot driver kept staying in
the left lane *at 62 mph* and almost ran a few people off the road when the two
lanes merged again and he wouldn't accelerate or (heaven forbid) slow down to
let people in.  He was driving a minivan (or so I thought - he was a few cars
ahead).  When we finally did pass pass him, I was actually expecting the typical
45 to 50 year old and was surprised to find that it was actually a young'n (25
or so) driving a Ford Explorer.  Obviously this person had no clue that they
were being not only a pain in the ass but also a road hazard as well.  (Speeds
on 115 sometimes get up to 85 or 90, [I've personally seen 110] which is pretty
high for a two-lane blacktop.)

Because of people like this, I have decided *not* to pursue a CCW permit when
Michigan law changes soon.  I know I will end up shooting someone.  ;-)

Michael Lindner
cars....lotsa them