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Re: fastest grocery go-getters

At 11:25 AM 8/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Along the lines of the RS2w, what are the top wagons of the world?  I know
>the 91 200qw had the distinction of "fastest production station wagon" with
>a top speed of 153mph or so(I think the sedan is 158?)  Does the RS2w have
>the same distinction?  Inquiring minds want to know(I told someone about
>the RS2w, they want to know if it's the fastest, what similar cars by other
>makes are out there, etc.)
>I personally can't think of anyone that made a similar car.  Anyone?

Gee, I love when the talk turns to wagons <grin>.....

Anyway, top three (not in any particular order) fastest wagons I know of
(sort-of regular production, not one-offs or drag wagons):

- Audi RS2; see picture of Dave Eaton's at
- Aston Martin 'shooting brake'; picture of a 1992/95 version at 
- Brabus T V12, which is an E-class Mercedes w/a V12.  Scroll down this
page for more info: http://www.brabus.com/e12.htm

If anyone else knows of any others, let me know.....I want pictures and

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