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Re: Am New Here

Go to the 12v pages, http://www.itc.nu/12v/ and look at the tuning
section--there's actually a fair amount out there!  Relatively cheap and
effective modifications would be the throttle body modification with a
K&N panel filter--no real HP gains but a good torque gain.
For real HP, there are lots of engine mods.  One tuner has a claim of
about 230 hp in the end with some pending mods.  I'm not sure how much
HP the automatic transmission will take; maybe another lister knows?  I
think that it will most likely take 200 hp with no problem, and possibly
230, but I would be nervous about adding more than 210 without doing a
little research.

John Courtney wrote:
> Hi,
> Im new to the list and pretty new to Audi's in general.  I have been a 20 year
> BMW owner and modifier, but was able to "steal" a 1993 100cs recently with
> 38K.   So. . . I thought I would pick this up as an eventual replacement for one
> of our cars since the lease was coming due and hold off on the 911 one more
> year.
> My problem:
> It seems as though the engine performance for this car is darn near unmodifiable
> (when I talk to TAP and others).  I know I can improve the suspension and MAYBE
> the chip (depending on the EPROM numbers), but little else seems readily
> available.
> Does anyone know where I might begin to look for performance enhancements for
> this somewhat underpowered, automatic transmissioned car?
> John Courtney