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re: Rear Window Defroster Connection

Christopher wrote:

>If I understand the problem correctly.  Conductive element grid for rear
>window defroster has a break.

No, not a "grid" problem as I see it. The problem I posted was that the
spade lug connector which is (i.e., was) soldered to the righthand side of
the window grid (and provides the grounding of the grid) has broken off. It
needs to be resoldered (or otherwise affixed) to the two small, rectangular
patches of metal substrate from which it broke away.

>I assume this was verified by a continuity
>check.  It can be fixed by soldering a "bridge" across the open, but this
>is difficult.  (How will solder stick to the glass?)

In my case, nothing needs to be "bridged". Just need an adequately
conductive and mechanically strong connection made to the metal areas that
already are well-bonded to the glass (and to the grid). These contact areas
are rectangular--about 3/16 X 1/4"

>I know of two sources for easy repair user-friendly repair kits.  The
>repair material is a conductive resin..
>GM makes a kit.  It retails for ~$15.  It is called a "Rear Window Defogger
>Repair Kit".  Part Number 12345345.  Group Number 8.800.
>Loctite also makes one.  Part Number 15067.  They call it "QUICK GRID Rear
>Window Defogger Repair Kit".

I'll try to find out about these. Maybe they'll eliminate the need to
resolder the connector.



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