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'90 V8 Q Audi/Bose Radio Code

I am new to the list - And someone told me that the radio code issue was
discussed recently (searched archives and couldn't find).  Our 1990 V8
Quattro displays "safe" on the radio.  We learned that we need a code - The
code is no where to be found as the dealer said the detailer threw it away.
Is there a generic code (someone suggested 1111) that will work - or do we
need to pull the radio and call an audi dealer (there isn't one around here)
and see what they can do?
  We aren't going to use the radio that much (one in '89 911 has probably
been used a total of 4 hours..), so if we can't find the code we'll forget
it..How good is the system anyway?


Mike Green