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Re: Will stock Audi muffler with 2 tips fit '89 100CS

>Will a stock muffler with 2 tips, like the one on the 92-94 S4 and
>late 200's fit on a '89 100CS? I want 2 tips, but very discrete, both
>in looks and noise. The orginal Audi muffler with 2 tips looks ok to

I assume a compotent exhaust shop could mount it for you as long as the hole
at the rear valance is big enough for two tips.  One note, the in side of
the muffler also as two holes.  The muffleris also REALLY expensive.  If my
memory serves me right it is about $700 from the dealer.  I would suggest
going with a stainless like Ultraflow for alot less money and they sound
good but are not annoying.  I did it on two of me 3 audis and love it.