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Re: '90 V8 Q Audi/Bose Radio Code

>I am new to the list - And someone told me that the radio code issue was
>discussed recently (searched archives and couldn't find).  Our 1990 V8
>Quattro displays "safe" on the radio.  We learned that we need a code - The
>code is no where to be found as the dealer said the detailer threw it away.
Well, it's a load of bull from the dealer.  They can look up the code via
the VIN number; each radio's code is recorded, by audi, to be associated
with a certain VIN number.  Radio with the code 1234 goes in car WAUGxyzzyx.

If the dealer had half a brain, they'd plug in in the VIN number and get
the code.

>Is there a generic code (someone suggested 1111) that will work - or do we
DEFINATELY not.  That would completely, totally make the code feature useless!
Imagine a safe that opens with a standard code(actually, many large safes
used to be shipped 25-50-25 or 50-25-50 as the factory code until the owner
changed it.  Many never did!)

>need to pull the radio and call an audi dealer (there isn't one around here)
>and see what they can do?
Unless it's a second head unit(ie, the stock unit broke and a replacement
was done through the Audi bose head exchange program) all they need is the
VIN number.  If a second head _was_ installed, then there should be record
of it.  I have repair records for my car including 2 work order sheets from
an Audi delaer with Blankpunkt(sp?) stickers stuck over them that have the
radio code.

>  We aren't going to use the radio that much (one in '89 911 has probably
>been used a total of 4 hours..), so if we can't find the code we'll forget
>it..How good is the system anyway?
It is better than most, though the head unit isn't the key of the system,
the speakers are.  Their placement and configuration were supposedly
engineered to match the cabin of the car.

If you are unable to get the code, the detailing shop should pay for a
replacement since they threw away the code.


Brett Dikeman
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