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I Must Be Nuts

You know the only thing worse than a wife who doesn't like Audis? 
ONE WHO DOES! I now own 4 Audis. We put it in her name. Just picked up
that 4k coupe in Concord CA. Yes, Rod, it has 5 cylinders. It turns out
to be the 87.5 model with rear disks. Blk/Blk with the digital dash
which is a neat novelty that wears off quickly. Like in about 5 minutes.
Plusses are new rotors, windshield and working A/C. Minusses include a
grocery list or rather junkyard list of about 20 items. Things like the
spare tire hold down bolt, interior trim strips, dome light switch,
headlamp etc. 
Steve B. and Tony L., I hold you two completely responsible for setting
a baaaad example. How many Audis do we own between us now?
'91 200 tq
'87.5 4k coupe
'86 4kq
'84 4k Spec. Edition

P.S. The coupe is lots of fun (in the dry).