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power antenna

I closed my trunklid the other day and heard a nasty crunch only to realize
that somehow my antenna had gotten caught as I brought the lid down.  DOH!
My first thought was, no problem, I'll just get a replacement mast for the
power unit.  So, I went to the dealer and he wanted to know if I had the 
Bosch unit or the Fuba unit...so I went into the trunk and pulled the thing
out, only to find that I have the Hirschman (sp?) unit...made in China.  A
quick perusal of the maintenance records showed that the car had the radio
replaced about 9 years ago by Audi of Greenville...presumably at that
time they also replaced the antenna, but with some aftermarket variety.

Has anyone ever heard of this antenna unit, and does anyone know where I
can get a replacement mast?  If I have to replace the whole unit I expect
the cost will be pretty bad.  However, the local Parts-R-Us store has a
cheap-looking unit for $25 that runs purely on electrical power, and doesn't
use the pneumatic hose that plugs into the bottom of the current unit- any
thoughts on going to this cheaper unit?  What would I do with the old

And finally, 'alot' is not a word.


Nathan B. Thomas