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Misc stuff - all Audi content

1. Soldering to defrost grid - don't do it! You will, repeat WILL break the
glass. Use one of the various aftermarket fix-it kits. The glass conducts
the heat away very quickly, and if you do get it hot enough to solder, the
glass will break, either right then or shortly thereafter.

2. Hirschmann antenna - the "pneumatic" hose on the bottom is just a drain.
Hirschmann is OEM on many of our cars. Trip to a parts yard yielded a
perfect Fuba antenna for my private stash - $3.00! (Not going to let it
pass for that kind of money . . . ) Only other "pneumatic hose" is the one
you get from the dealer when you pay $525 for an electric antenna (for that
price, I'd rather sing!).

Here's a trick for u-pull-it parts yards - you are buying a wheelbarrow
full of parts, right, so put the good stuff on the bottom and the low-value
stuff (glove box trays, plastic trim panels, spare tire cover (masonite)
etc.) on the top of the stack. If the "cashier" is the least bit pressed
for time or distracted, you've bought a wheelbarrow load of garbage for
$20, rather than a stash of goodies for $2,000. Ask me how I know this.
G'wan, I dare ya!

3. Somewhere I have this book about investing in the stock market. It says
in it that the only proven effect of gene splicing technology is that it
makes stockbrokers writhe in ecxtasy (yeah, I know - sp!).  In my
experience, the only known effect of tors*n is to make rational,
knowledgeable Audi enthusiasts totally lose their civility and sound like a
bunch of half-sloshed rednecks arguing whether Furd or Chebby pickup trucks
are better and faster. STOP already!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman