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Vineyard Audis

    I just got back from Martha's Vineyard and was surprised at the amount
of Audis I saw there. There was a handful of older 5000/200s, 3 early 4Ks
('84 or older), a plethora of A4s 3 A8s and an A6. Now for the peach of the
trip, was my first sighting of an A6 Avant, new body stlyle, with a Thule
roofrack attached to the stock one and two bike attachments, it looked like
a good fit, i.e. could have been the factory/Thule version rather than the
Thule consumer version, though I don't know if Audi has a program with Thule
like VW does. The car was sweet, and I certainly wouldn't mind having it as
my Martha's Vineyard Excursion Vehicle. Very nice.
    At Autohaus Lancaster in PA today (post trip annual state inspection
trip) I spotted their first A6 Avant Q out back already sold, and someone
pulled in and parked their A4 Q (pretty heavily modded) next to my Corrado
VR6. Any takers on the list? Later-G