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Re: Who wants Sport Wheels' urq sway bar upgrade?

Yes, the early cars, but he said this kit could be used for all (I think
all the hardware is included depending on what year/suspension you already
have.  I told him I had an anti-roll bar equiped urq).

Yes, do NOT send me your credit card number!

I would like to get names and e-mail addressed only which I will forward to
Sport Wheels IF there are 10 or more.

IF there are 10 people, Sport Wheels will make the kits.  You must order
them directly from them NOT me.


At 05:09 PM 8/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>I just got off the phone with Dave Peterson at Sport Wheels.  The second
>>run of 27.83 mm front, 20 mm rear sway bars they were going to produce was
>>cancelled due to low customer support.
>I assume the bars are meant for the '82 urquattro suspension (i.e. no
>connecting link and the existence of a rear sway-bar).  How do they
>compare to the existing sway-bar setup of the urq?
>>They need to get at least 10 firm commitments (credit card numbers) to make
>>the run.  I agreed to ask the list and to get them a list of all the
>>positive responses.
>>Cost will be between $200 and $250 for the complete kit.  I do not know if
>>this kit will fit the 4kq's.  However, I'm sure it could be done if you are
>>mechanically gifted.
>Assuming the kit is meant for the early-suspension urquattro, count me in.
>What kind of time frame are you talking about?  Weeks?  Months?
>As for credit card numbers, could I just contact Dave Peterson at
>Sport Wheels directly, and tell him you sent me?
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