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Re: 90Q

I don't dispute the fact the Bentley's says that, I have in front of me and
it says the 276 mm are coupe only, but I thought some 90q's (at least when
I looked at them new) came with the 15" Speedlines (just like the CQ's).  I
could be wrong.  The reference I got the data from is from Audi, but it
could be a typo.  I see that you have a 90q20v, did it come with Speedlines
(like the CQ's)?  Did they have model year upgrades?  Have you measured
yours?  Ever call to see if the front rotor has the same part # as the
CQ's.  Let me know, I am curious.  Anyone else out there have info
regarding this.

By the way, does anyone know if the hub from a 200tq, S4, etc. will fit my
car.  The CQ has the larger (than the other 90 series cars) wheel bearings
and, according to Audi, the same "extra large size discs as the 200
models".  Why didn't they just come with the same damn 5 bolt hubs as well?

See ya,

Scott Wood
1990 CQ 20v (could be S4 level brake upgrades?!?)

> From: EFergu6410@aol.com
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> Subject: Re: 90Q
> Date: Friday, July 31, 1998 1:42 AM
> The 90q20v has 256mm (10") front rotors, and the CQ 20v has 276mm (10.9")
> front rotors.  That is from the Bentley, and the 20v homepage.  The CQ
has the
> G60 brakes on it, whereas the 90q20v doesn't.  That's why the 90q20v has
> rims, and the CQ has 15" rims.  14" rims won't fit over a 276mm G60 twin
> piston setup.
> -Eric Ferguson
> '90 CQ 20v
> '87 5ksq