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OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

In message <E0z2D2R-0006vC-00@iglou.com> "Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" writes:

> You must have just dropped in on the QList for the first time, or, you've been
> absent for a while... There has been a great dispute on how a torsen behaves,
> carried on between one group of listers who own ur-Qs equipped with torsens
> and another group of listers who own type-44s equipped with torsens. The
> type-44 group maintains that torsens exhibit a hunting behavior under certain
> conditions (transitions from understeer to oversteer to understeer and so on)
> which they call "the spider bite", named for the spider gears used in the
> torsen. The ur-Q group maintains that no such behavior exists.

At the (considerable) risk of earning Dan's ire, I don't think that was
exactly the issue.

Certain behaviour has been demonstrated in Type 44s that has been
ascribed to the Torsen and is regarded by some as inevitable behaviour
in cars fitted with centre Torsens.

Several people with centre Torsens in a different (Type 85) chassis have
not been able to reproduce this 'inevitable' behaviour in their cars.

Things got personal, and _very_ repetitive.  Dan objected, though
whether it was to the tone of the posts or to the bandwidth I don't

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