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car story: limited audi content

	Lewis Grizzard,  well known, humorist  from Georgia USA who left
us all too soon, used to tell a car story ' ya all' might enjoy.  Lew
never let attribution or accuracy stand in the way of a good story, so if
you want to make the truck an Audi, I think  Lew would be the first to
say, "sure, why not..."

	Fuzz Chastin became a local hero in his hometown when he drove
his pickup truck loaded with all his family members straight into a
burning house.  To the amazement on onlookers who had been unable to put
out the fire, he and his family leaped out of the truck and beat the
blaze out.  In appreciation the townsfolk took up a collection for the
Chastin family.
	"What are you going to do with the money?" the mayor asked.  Fuzz
replied,  "I guess the first thing we ought to do is get the brakes fixed
on that pickup."

Al Gressler
91 90q20v (wife's, but I get to check the brakes)
69 912 Porsche (mine, but a 'hanger queen' right now)

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