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Questions on '90 200tq

I have a few questions about my new '90 200tq:

1.  Are the insides of the door panels in this car leather or vinyl?
They look vinyl to me as they don't seem to have pores and well, don't
look like real leather, but it is rather soft and there is some stiching
in it so I just want to make sure before I douce them in Vinylex.

2.  My car has been hard starting.  Takes a lot of work to start this
sucker in the morning.  I heard someone tell me it might need a new
battery so I was paying attention to the volt gauge but I would like to
know....what is normal voltage for this car?

3.  The climate control and AC system seem to be working fine, but it
sometimes doesn't cool right.  I mean, it can blow real cool one day
(so, I don't think it's the freon), and the next I'll be sweating.  It
will blow, but just not very cold.  Anyone have any experience with such
a problem?  I'm thinking it's the interior temp sensor.  

4.  The coolant is a little dirty and I want to flush it and add some
new coolant.  Is there a coolant flush valve?  Or, is there some other
sort of procedure for properly flushing the coolant system and adding
new coolant?  I heard someone talk about turing the car's ignition to
the first click and running the heater to blow it all out, but I can't
remeber it all?  This wouldn't be covered in the Bentley would it?  

Thanks in advance.  I know I have been saying this for a while, but I
will be writing a comparison report between the 5KTQ and the 200TQ and
posting it to the list soon.