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re:quattro-digest V4 #2583

In message "quattro-digest V4 #2583", you write:

><< Why? Are they so unreliable? >>
>Assuming you're referring to the V 6's, they seem to be having problems that
>we just didn't have with the 5 cyl, so I'm beginning to wonder about the long
>haul longevity.


>Every thing else seems ok so why not put the 5's back in, let us turbo 'em and
>have some fun. you really can't even do much about upgrades with these v 6's.

Having just bought a V6 I thought I'd throw in my .02.  While I love the
12V V6 (it's so smooth!), I find that my I5 10V seems to be more fun to 
drive.  Maybe it's just me, but at times I find the V6 feels and sounds a bit
too "tame" and "civilized".

Plus in well over 200K kms it's never had any engine problems (knock on 
wood).  Reliable and fun.  What more could one ask for?  25V turbo I5
anyone? :)

88 90Q I5 10V
94 90Q V6 12V
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