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Re: Subframe bushings, Ur-q, BTDT's

Hi there! What you do is prop up the trans with a jack stand. The
subframe falls right down and the "guts" stay up. Get into wrestle mode
if you leave the control arms on. I found it easier to take everything
off and do the frame on the garage floor. I used a big bench vice to
help press them in. I also painted the frame while it was off. Drill out
the old bushings and take sandpaper to the open hole. This gets out all
of the rough spots. When putting in the new ones use a liberal amount of
anti-sieze on the bushings and hole. It acts like a lube. It's not as
hard as it sounds!!! happy bushing!!

Mike Burke
Irish Volunteer Motorsport	
Cols, Ohio "Home of the rallying Irish"

86 4000q rally car
87 4000q street urchin/parts car
93 chevy van(for hauling all my Audi stuff around in)