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TOns of VW and AUDI parts for sale (mostly VW)

Tonight I helped out a friend of a friend by cleaning out his garage
because he is moving. In order for me to be able to buy the large toolbox
full of tools, I had to also take a pick-up truck full of VW and audi
parts. I do not want any of these parts, although I'm sure some of the
ITB/ITC racers will find the lot quite interesting. All parts are clean and
some are painted. Here's a rough idea of what I need to get rid of...

1 Brand new Tri-Y header (the good heavy guage) already wrapped in heat wrap
Homemade upper and lower stress bars
poly front mount
1 new starter
1 new rear lower valance panel
several alternators
several fuel press. regulators
1 radiator
1 Rabbit GTI OEM front airdam
1 Techtonics rabbit euro downpipe (no cat type)
4 lower A-arms for Rabbits (you IT guys need these ;)
2 complete strut assemblies
1 1.6 cyl. head cleaned and ready for assembly
1 1.6 crank and jack shaft
1 CIS fuel distr.
1.6 pistons
oil pan and valve cover
Flywheels (all sizes)
1 new catalytic converter (3 bolt flange both ends)
1 orig. ex. manifold and downpipe
Intakes and throttle bodies
And a whole bunch more...

Also, some of my personal stuff

Complete and running 1.6 motor  $50
complete 1.6 head (german) VERY LOW MILES, ready to drop on. $100
Audi SW rear wing (larger one) $30
VW Corrado rear wing mechanism/motor (no wing) $50
VW/Audi Speedos/tach clusters (ask)
Audi 5k vacuum door lock pump (4 wire)  $40
Golf 5 speed trans  $200
Audi 5k CIS units
1.8 Golf Motor (CIS) $100
Golf/Jetta Blower Mtr. Resistors $42 shipped (new)
1 16v Wheel $50
A2 Golf/Jetta quad round headlight syst. conversion (new/complete) $250
Jetta/Golf hubcaps, metal with 16 slots on the ends $5 each
1990 Sea-Doo jetski and trailer
1985 VW Golf Parts Car
TIRES All types of New tires, not shippable but only 5% over dealer cost!
Tons of other older VW/Audi odds and ends, mostly stock

I'd really like to sell the first batch of parts as a whole. I'll even
consider delivery!! I may part out the really good stuff however. I will
also consider shipping certain items. Make a semi-reasonable offer and it
WILL go!!


                       Rolf Mair is: waves@epix.net
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               1994,95,96,97 East Coast USA SCCA Solo 1 Champion