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RE: Porsche guys?

At 10:21 PM 8/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>It doesn't matter what "we" (being car knowledgeable people) think, it's
>what the general public thinks "Porsche guys" are. Around here (Boston area)
>the _vast_ majority of people I see driving Porsches are middle age white
>guys who need the car as a status symbol / sexual aid / toy to pretend they
>aren't old.

Gee, Rob, that's part of the reason I got my S6.  Did I goof?  Are you
looking at me and asking what is that bald-headed old f*rt doing in a nice
car like that?  Sorry, I'm not ready for a Yugo (or a wheelchair) just yet.

Bob, your typical middle aged (old at 60?) white guy, Myers.