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Re: Porsche guys?


I am a middle-age white guy and while I'd never buy a P-car for status
symbol/sex aid, I hope to own one again some day (silver, 96-97
Carrera 4S please) just for that incredible acceleration, deceleration
and handling.  Next time you see a MAWG driving a P-car, be easy on
him, it may be me (sans the jacket, F-glasses and gold chains, of
course).  I hope it helps me recapture some of my "lost youth" and you
will never convince my wife that it's anything other than a toy.


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Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 7:20 PM
Subject: RE: Porsche guys?

>It doesn't matter what "we" (being car knowledgeable people) think,
>what the general public thinks "Porsche guys" are. Around here
(Boston area)
>the _vast_ majority of people I see driving Porsches are middle age
>guys who need the car as a status symbol / sexual aid / toy to
pretend they
>aren't old.
>When I told my wife I wanted to get a 911 turbo some day, she asked
if I was
>going to get a black Member's Only jacket and a pair or Ferrari
>to go with it. That's what a lot of people think of Porsche drivers,
>or wrong. Of course, we know differently.
>Just my opinion. I still want a 911T or a 928S4.
>Rob Winchell
>91 200Q
>87 4kCS
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>> William "Bill" Elliot wrote, in part:
>> "But Phil hit it on the head.... I don't want to be known
>> as one of those "Porsche" guys"
>> Bill, I think you may likely find that there are many former,
>> present, and perhaps future P-car drivers on this list.  As a
>> former P-car driver (before children) and a PCA member, I
>> observed that Porsche folks represented virtually every sex,
>> creed, color, religion.  Moreover, many of them were fairly
>> intelligent car enthusiasts.  What exactly is -quote- one of
>> those "Porsche" guys -end quote-?  Do you mean Dr. Ferry
>> Porsche?  Ferdinand Piech?  Josef Hoppen? Al Holbert?  Hurley
>> Haywood?  Vic Elford?  Mark Donohue?  Hans Stuck?
>> GregJ