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Bad Day for Audi A4's?????

More info I sent out before

Well, is it, or isn't it?

While at the local SD AutoX today, I was told by a few folks that the A4 is
starting to get to be a popular G Stock car! The team in Oregon is really
starting to KICK ASS and folks take notice real quick when that happens! So
the A4 might be in even shorter supply soon! ????

But the important factor they told me, it is the 2.8L V6 that is the one
that is hot. Now we ALL know, and LOVE to hop up the 1.8T, there is just SO
much to do to it. But you see, ALL that we do to ours puts it in a
non-competitive class, where it is WAY outclassed by some other real sport
cars. Or in my case sometimes, makes it hard to figure out where to put it.
And so the 2.8L V6 has the power in stock form (which we need to "CHIP" to
get to, and thus throws STOCK class out the window), and I have been told
that the V6 has more lowend torque - greatly needed in an AutoX event. Of
course the S4 due soon might make it the BEST of both worlds????

Now I know in the past I have told folks to get the 1.8T for the fact that
you can modify the hell out of it, but I am now starting to change my mind
on that. 

Mike Z