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Re: Leather for Audi's? Any aftermarket kits?

> In a message dated 98-08-04 01:20:38 EDT, you write:
> << Does anyone know the part # for '87 coupe side bolsters? (Left side of
>  left seat) Or will the V-8 one fit?
>  Wolff >>
> The 4000's and coupes use one pad that incorporates the side bolsters, last I
> checked they were rather expensive ~160.00

Just buy a separate side-bolster for one of the Audi models with sports seats 
that use a separate bolster, but the bad bolster(s) off the one-piece 4000 unit,
and use contact cement to glue the new side bolster onto the main pad.

Worked for me, YMMV, etc...   -doug q
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