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Re: o.k,o.k,o.k

In message <19980805.062711.3254.0.lowz@juno.com> lowz@juno.com (rm mcaleer) writes:

> O.k., here it is.  As I have stated, I own a '84 4000.  I need a motor.
> I have asked the list 2 times about motors and have gotten many great
> responses.  But the last time I put out a message a person wrote back
> saying that I could put a VW GTi motor in the Audi and it would just
> bolt-on.  I called a local junkyard that comes highly recommended by the
> list that is here in GA.  I asked the person who answered the phone if
> they had any GTi motors and would it fit in the 4000.  He said you could
> not do it.

The GTI is a transverse engine, and the Audi 4000 is longtitudinal.

Just one of many minor difficulties.

 Phil Payne
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