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BOGE Turbo Gas Shocks -- the BEST

I just have to tell someone:

I just had new BOGE Turbo Gas shocks put in my 5KCSTQ -- MAN, what a

I have them in my 4KSQ, and it helped significantly -- but the change in
the 5KQ is unbelievable!  I kept the stock springs, so the ride height has
actually increased quote a bit -- at least in inch all around... Any
thoughts on this?  I chose not to go with after-market springs because I
like the smooth ride of the 5 and I didn't want my teeth to chatter just
driving down the road.

The car is literally like a fast, nimble sports utility vehicle now!  What
about stress bars, or strut braces -- will these so the work of springs
without lowering the height?  Will they make the car handle even better?

What can I do next to my suspension to make it absolutely premo?

BTW -- it was NOT cheap to have the BOGEs installed!  The rear struts need
to be altered to fit the 5K, and there is a kit that came with the car.

Altogether, I paid approx. $1200 for labor to get the old struts out
(absolutely SHOT), put the new ones in with the rear conversion, and I also
had 2 new front sets of wheel bearings replaced..

Not bad.. I literally have a brand new car now because I also replaced the
rack and pump, and had it all lined up.

This car is mint now.  Any pointers on other suspension upgrades would be
greatly appreciated.  I'm also ready for Ned Ricthey!

85 4KSQ
82 VW Cabrio

PS>  If anyone is interested in a later-model (87-89) VW CAbrio with 80K
miles -- I saw one in Boston for $3000 obo !

This is a great deal -- these little cars are so much fun in the summer -
and since I have one, I'm not gonna buy it..  It does have a few cosmetic
issues -- cracked tail light, paint issues, etc.  but they can be easily
dealt with.  I bet you could get the car for around $2k if you tried.,

 Let me know!