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Responses to various V8 subjects :-)

Colorado V8:

I'm alergic to dust, which means a smokers car would literally
kill me....

I thought 52k was a little low for our Colarado V8...

My leather steering wheel has also lost most of it's tan color :-(
Have mused over thoughts of replacing @ $600.- at the dealer, that
musing stopped pretty quick...

V8 Bashing:

110k or so, has full maintenance records.  The only thing the owner
pulled from his records was the fact that the car had been hit and 
every panel except the roof has been painted :-(  Done very well 
I might add.... as far as looks go.  There is no overspray anywhere.
I only found out when It peeled :-(, then had it inspected by a body 
shop who gave me the bad news....

>Jim- I agree with all the accolades laid on the V8, but based on my
>experiences can not support the negatives. I have 117K miles on mine, and
>knock wood, have had none of these "typical" V8 issues. The timing belt issue
>is not limited to the V8, nor is the bomb or steering rack. V8 owners have two
>choices wrt the timing belt 1) buy the necesssary tools and do it yourself or
>2) bring your car to a knowlegible mech who HAS DONE IT before. This is not an
>item to shop to the low bidder!!! I love my V8, but am getting tired of being
>its only defender. Did I get the only V8 built on Wed???

Nope.  I think mine was built they day after the factory got a nice raise :-)
It's been pretty damned reliable.

Ball Valve:

I put a ball valve on the wife's 89 100 avant.  Best $17.- I ever spent.
There are no tools involved with changing the oil anymore. 

Put the pan under there, unscrew the filter, flick the ball valve, gather
the mobil 1.... flick the ball valve back, put the new filter in, fill 'er
up....  10 minute job, which I stretch to 30 and put the other 20 into my
Guzzi project :-)  ... almost done honey...  I'll be done in a minute... :-)

If I figure out what size the plug is on the V8,  Imparts said they would 
see if they have one for that.  Anybody now ?

V8 Gauges:

It's got everything but the voltage gauge.  I have an extra dash cluster with all
guages from an 90 100.  Some day gonna look into swapping that clock for a voltage

V8 Antenna:

Put the new/used one in from Autobahn last night.  After a dozen or so up/downs
with wd40 sprayed on it and wiping the gunk off each time.  The V8 has a working
electric antenna again :-)

Thanks Again Chris.

Back to work...

90 V8
89 100 Avant

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