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Timing belt replacement

In message <35BFE248.1FDA@ix.netcom.com> Wolff writes:

> Hmmmm... section 17.5 shows the tool 2079 in use. The reason for this
> tool I suspect is that most torque wrenches do not go up to 330 ft lbs.
> Hence the extension (I've heard it referred to as a torque multiplier)
> is used with a torque wrench at 258 ft lbs. Whether only 258 ft lbs
> without tool 2079 will allow your harmonic balancer to loosen up later
> or not is probably a question for the list.

258 lb ft is not enough, and it's quite likely to come loose.

The factory documentation states 350 Nm (258 lb ft) with #2079, and
450 Nm (332 lb ft) without it.  It also states that an anti-corrosion
coating should be applied to the mating faces but not to the threads.

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