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Re: 944turbo v. ur-q (stereotypes)

In a message dated 98-08-05 12:46:13 EDT, FMARTIN@ithaca.edu writes:

<< I must admit that, going by the "standard" Porche-owners stereotype, I 
 wondered how badly I'd be snubbed by members of this group, what with me 
 driving essentially a modified Japanese-hatchback. I can report that I was 
 pleasantly surprised at both the variety of car makes there (I'd guess that 
 over 20% of the est. 100 cars there were not Porsches) and the friendliness
 the Porsche owners that I happened to rub shoulders with, both around the
 and on the track. >>

Dear Frank...................Thanks for the great comment.  Allegheny Region
PCA has been conducting these schools for around 10 years now, and we know
what makes a successful event.  Best of all we have great members who know how
to treat people and know how to have a good -safe- time.  I'd like to take a
chance and mention that I'll bet your instructor was very capable and better
than your previous instuctor at that earlier school.  Our region has on going
seminars and lots of training and updating for our instructors and we are
fortunate to have many great instructor/members.  As you said  the schools are
open to all makes, models and people.  Qlist,  try it you'll like it......like
Frank did.    Our next event is Sept. 12 & 13 and we will school at Nelson
Ledges Race Track.  Then we go to Mid Ohio Race Track on Oct. 24 & 25.  If
anyone wants further info  please let me know.
Bradley Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA