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90 Coupe questions

Hi All,
I just go back from test driving a 1990 cq.  Nice car!  
I'm suffering from coupe lust.  I'm looking for a dose of 
coupe ownership reality.  
Here's the particulars
All stock except the wheels
Exhaust is not noisy but has several welds on the rear muffler
Cat has been replaced
Original clutch, smooth easy operation
New pads and rotors up front
Original rack, and radiator
197k miles
stone chips on front of hood and above WS, roof drivers door and front
fender have been repainted,  paint is peeling some in these areas. 
Interior is in good shape, needs some leather conditioner and armorall
The car looks like it has been well cared for.

Opinions? Words of wisdom?  Any BTDT's? Am I looking at a potential $ pit?
What is the expected live span of the rack and clutch?
What is the average cost of a TB & WP replacement?

86 4kcsq 192k mmmmmmm & maybe a coupe soon?