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Vw 4cyl and Audi 4cy conversions

>O.k., here it is.  As I have stated, I own a '84 4000.  I need a motor. 
>I have asked the list 2 times about motors and have gotten many great
>responses.  But the last time I put out a message a person wrote back
>saying that I could put a VW GTi motor in the Audi and it would just
>bolt-on.  I called a local junkyard that comes highly recommended by the
>list that is here in GA.  I asked the person who answered the phone if
>they had any GTi motors and would it fit in the 4000.  He said you could
>not do it.  So, my question is, can I?? 

I have seen numerous conversions of Audi 4cyl (2.0l) engines installed in VW
Rabbits or
VW Golfs. They were essentailly bolt-in convsersions. All of the conversions
I have seen
are on the A1-A2 platoform. There are a couple of small details to take care
of but nothing major
(eg Audi uses a warm-up regulaor whereas VW does not). . So I assume that
the reverse would 
also be true. . Transverse vs longitudal postioning of the engine has no
bearing, Essentailly the 
engines are same. I know of a garage in NJ who just did 2 conversions on a
A1 Scirocco and 
and A1 Rabbit.