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Re: subframe mounting rubbers

> R&R transmission mounts appears fairly straightforward, but the front
> mounts for the subframe have a lip around them that is larger than the ID
> of the subframe hole. I'm anticipating a wrestling match to get these in -
> any BTDTs or advice on these or the rears or anything else I'm going to be

Use large washers and a _long_ bolt or piece of threaded rod to pull
them in.  The go in pretty easily that way.  Remember to put the cutouts
in the bushings parallel with the longitudinal axis.  The picture
shows the cutouts at the front and rear of the bushing in the
installed position.

> fooling with here? Torque is 81 ft lbs according to Mr. Haynes - use
> loctite here as well?

The subframe bolts are 48 ft lbs + 1/4 turn according to the Bentley.
You are supposed to get new ones.  Tightening sequence is RR, LR, LF, RF.